Frequently Asked Questions about Broadway Storage

How do I rent a unit durring the Covid 19 pandemic?

Our Staff is available durring business hours to provide you with payment options and to rent to you.  We are now doing 100% over the phone rentals for your safety and ours.  Yu give us a call, we take your information, you provide us with your email address, and make payment with a debit or credit card . Once you are set up in our system we will give you your unit #, and your gate access code. We will place a lock in the unit for you.  We will email you the electronic documents to sign and once you have signed them it will automatically activate your gate code.  Everything is done in a user friendly manner and our staff will gladly stay on the line with you to walk you through every step of the process. 

How long can I reserve and hold a unit for prior to renting?

We will hold a unit for up to 2 wks prior to renting.   

What size space do I need?

Our staff is competent and skilled in the art of self storage. You can always stop by or call our office and simply describe the items you are planning on storing, and our staff can estimate the space you’ll need. If you want another simple solution, try out the self storage calculator on this site and figure up your perfect space from the comfort of home.

How can I pay my bill especially durring the covid 19 pandemic?

We offer lots of easy ways to settle your account.  We offer autobilling with a debit or credit card which can be set up over the phone or on our web portal.  Currently due to covid we ask that if you bring payment to the office you place it in the drop box for your safety and ours.  We can do card payments over the phone as well for you. You can pay your bill with cash, check, or card. If paying with cash or check please be sure to note your unit # on the check and make sure cash is placed in an envelope with the $amount and unit # written on it.  If you prefer, try out our online bill pay option and get the ability to manage your account from anywhere with an internet connection.  Chrome is the best browser to use.  Some mobile phones may have connection issues so we recommend using a computer. 

Where are you located?

We have multiple locations throughout the central Iowa area. We have a location in Des Moines, IA and in Indianola, IA. For more information about our offices visit our contact page for addresses and (our facility pages)[all locations] for directions.

When can I access my unit?

Broadway Storage offers extended access hours between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. seven days a week. Now you can get into your unit on your own time without having to worry about our office hours.  If you are a business and require special hours please let us know and we can work with you to set hours to suit your needs. 

Do you have space for my RV or boat?

Certainly! We have lots of outdoor spaces large enough to accommodate a variety of boat trailer and RV sizes. Call our office for more information.

What security measures does Broadway Storage take?

With the combined power of perimeter fencing, 24-hour video recording, individual door alarms on each unit, and keypad-accessible gates, our facilities are some of the safest around. Drop by to learn more.


What happens if I cant pay my bill?

If you run into financial difficulty please contact our office immediately. We understand times are tough right now and we will work with you.  We cant help though if you dont call us.   Our policy is as follows:  No late fees until your at least 10 days past due, after 10 days its a $20 late fee. After 30 days late you go into Lien status and Lien fees of $100 would be applied to your account and your unit would then be placed up for auction. This is the standard procedure with all storage facilities.  However, we strive to keep you as customers and we want to help you, so call us before it gets to that stage and we will be happy to help you. 

How do I update my Contact information and address for my account? 

To update your contact information or address just simply call us at 515-262-7368, email us at, or use our contact us page to send us your updated information. You can also update your own information via the payment portal.  Making sure we have your updated information is very important. So please if you move or change phone numbers notify us right away. 


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